The EuroBrow Technology

eyetechEuroBrow utilizes a Revolutionary Technique that is taking Europe by storm.

It is the artistic process of inserting semi-permanent pigment into the layer between the dermis and epidermis with precise pinpoint technology. This method enhances the size, shape, thickness and color of the eyebrows unique to each individual person creating Beautiful Symmetry in the most prominent feature on your face, your eyes. The artistic flare in the procedure produces a completely natural look to your eyebrows creating symmetry for your facial features.

Technique-of-drawing-eyebrows-000070887895_LargeThere is a scientific philosophy to beauty; The Golden Mean, portrayed by Da Vinci and Aristotle which discusses the perfect portions of beauty in all things. The EuroBrow technique encompasses this philosophy in its scientific method of beauty with the goal of perfection of the eyebrows.

“Learn to see. Realize that everything connects to everything elseā€¦”

Leonardo Da Vinci


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